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I believe that when using sound to tell stories about people and communities, of all the musical instruments available, there is none more powerful than people and communities themselves.

Think of how the symphony orchestra's many various instruments combine to create an amazing single sound. Now replace each of those instruments with recordings of the community.

What better way to tell our collective stories... than to structure entire projects around weaving their voices together as the main artistic elements?


Some examples of major projects that weave community elements together are:

2015 TE ORO PUBLIC ART SOUNDSCAPES (RESAMPLE GLEN INNES) - Commissioned by Auckland Council to work closely with the Glen Innes (Ukutoia) Community and three local iwi tribes to create six permanent soundscapes to play in speakers that adorn the outer perimeter of their stunning new Music & Arts facility, Te Oro. The final, hour long three part community soundscape 'Kotuku Rerenga Tahi' was mostly recorded on location, and it samples and  weaves together over three hundred recordings from the community.

2016 RESAMPLE GUÅHÅN - As part of the NZ delegation to the 2016 Festival of Pacific Arts in Guåhån (Guam), sampled and wove together over a hundred recordings of various ambience, natural environments and cultural performances from around the island into a twenty minute soundscape premiered in the Guam Museum.

2016 MĀNGERE & ŌTAHUHU COMMUNITY EP - Facilitated, workshopped and worked with over 100 artists, school kids, community groups and members of the Māngere and Ōtahuhu community to record a combined Visual Music EP.

2014 MANY VOICES, ONE HEART CONCERT, ILT SOUTHLAND STADIUM - Arranged, composed, and musically directed a show featuring over 100 performers on stage at the same tine from different schools and community groups.