Ihumātao is a special place especially dear to the local Māori indigenous mana whenua (original people of the land) near Auckland International Airport here in Auckland, New Zealand, that has over time had to bear many terrible injustices.

From forced land confiscation by the NZ Government in 1863 through to local Government sewage mismanagement in more recent times amongst many other things, this local Māngere area is once again in the spotlight due to recent occupation of the land by the SOUL (Save Our Unique Landscape) movement headed by Pania Newton, in opposition to land development plans by Fletchers Building that will further desecrate this unique historic area.

As a proud local Māngere artist, I have been researching and weaving the history of Ihumātao into many different creative projects over the past 5 years through projects with organisations such as Auckland Libraries, Auckland Theatre Company and the Māngere Ōtāhuhu Local Board. With an informed affinity and empathy for this wonderful area and its people, where time and resource allows me, I am documenting developments of the current occupation to help the kaupapa (cause) to protect the whenua (land), given the massive amounts of misinformation, vested interests, dodgy dealings, politicking and clout chasing going on.

There are (at time of this posting) currently three quick turnaround pieces, all which also utilise local music that I have produced for various NZ music artists.