Second attempt at First blog...

Started from cassette tapes, now we here. On laptops.

Well... it WAS initially 4:45am early last Friday when I first started to type and trial this whole blog posting thing out for this new website. I hadn't realised until later that morning after a NIU FM radio interview that it hadn't posted and synced up directly to FB like I'd planned it to. I can find my way around audio auxiliary sends and parallel compression within Logic software just fine, but sussing some of this website programming buzz can do my head in sometimes. 

So yeah... brand new anonymouz website, new domain up in the dot .com.


Because this domain name was (previously) already taken, it was an interesting, eye opening (and bank account closing zzzz) process going about negotiating this online real estate off the previous owners over in the US, but thanks to my awesome wife's hustle yet again, we're finally up in here.

My old website admittedly kind of just got abandoned over the last half decade as I veered right off on various tangents of creativity. Too busy immersed in furthering the cassette beat pause tape energy to exploring new ways of making beats and music, any regular and sustained online website hustle or updating just took a back seat. (Doesn't help either that in all honestly, I actually often struggle to post, ponder or promote on social media for various reasons, but more on that in another blog one day zzzz...)

Anyways...a whole heap of years, new memories, hard drives and air points later, I've recently found myself in a reflective space where I FINALLY realised it was time to re-up and rectify things.

Blog Pic.jpeg

Growth. I owe my career to my family, my wife Noma, our kids and all the people and artists who ever gave me a shot at anything. I'm grateful to each and every one of them, and of late feel like I've found a new focus, doubling down on family, faith and culture...a creative reset for the ongoing voyage ahead. Especially on the new music front which I've really been missing.

Gratitude. As a creative, I do need to start reporting back more regularly to the world in some way on some of these adventures of late, especially if it could potentially help someone out there in some way. When music production techniques perfected in bedroom setups infiltrate the boardroom.. the game really done changed. Hence this new website, to finally facilitate, promote, structure and house information and content. Analogue heart. Digital hustle. Hopefully some of the new music, sound and video content that we'll be gradually rolling out shortly will be as entertaining to some as it is informative or maybe even inspirational to others.

Grind. I saved last week's failed blog post upload as a draft, and now updating it to completion. It's currently 8:59am on the morning of Tuesday 12th December. Still up from yesterday.. been up all night arranging an upcoming single for an artist as well as preparing a creative proposal project update for an exciting upcoming multi-media theatre project (to be announced soon in partnership with a major Festival). Also, about an hour ago, ran off an instrumental .mp3 as requested in an early morning email response from Deceptikonz hook-master Devolo, (for his feature on a crazy summer jam me and the homie Dok2 have lined up, also featuring another awesome Tongan artist we'll announce soon!). Welcome to my world*

Hope this second shot at uploading a first blog hits some target out there in the digital wild west. If you've made it this far, dayuuum...fa'afetai lava and thank you for putting up with this debut ramble. More importantly, the subs are all set to rumble. Stay tuned*