15 February 2019


21 May 2018

Growing up in urban Aotearoa, for some of our New Zealand born Pacific youngsters, it was common practice for parents to threaten to send their children “back to the islands” if they got themselves into any serious trouble. “Graduated” is the true story of what happened to a young south Auckland Sāmoan boy when the threat became a reality and he was sent to his parents birth place without a return ticket.

Graduated is track 1 on Tha Movement’s “The Undisciplined Son EP.” Available on all digital outlets. (Graduated lyrics by Tha Movement. Music recorded, arranged and produced by Anonymouz).

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8 April 2018

La Coco "Free to Be Anonymouz Remix" (feat. Players from the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra)

Grateful to be able to complete and release this work which I re-arranged and re-recorded for the APO Remix the Orchestra performance at the 2016 Auckland Arts Festival Family Day for La Coco. It was too beautiful a song to not give it further life and traction, so we want to thank Players from the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra for giving their time independently to record this:

  • Cello: Paul Mitchell

  • French Horn: Carl Wells

  • Flute: Jenni Seddon-Mori

  • Percussion: Paul Robinson

  • Viola: Sue Wedde

  • Violin: Mark Bennett

Also thank you to Isaac Etimani for the bass parts. Enjoy and congrats to La Coco for being nominated as a finalist for this year's Pacific Music Awards - NZ The song is available online on all digital outlets. #37Hz Original song written by La Coco and Dee Letoa.

Available on all online outlets


21 December 2017

As we knock off work for 2017, here’s a little somethin’ for the Summer vibe.  Stress a little less this season and enoy the time with your loved ones.  Thank you to all our communities and families for all your support and hardwork.  Merry Christmas and much love from my Tokouso’s - Dok2, Devolo & Swiss, wifey and I. 

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6 December 2017

Introducing SNARE.

An exciting new South Auckland Hip Hop artist that I am currently working with to create some fresh new sounds that will hazily alternate somewhere between English and Samoan content.

This is his debut single "Vodka & Vaniah" that also features LaCoco. The video is a tribute to our confident uncles out the back when on it, as well as some of the legendary Samoan music pioneers that paved the way for us. And of course, the video is also a nod towards them over the top, classic 'Felise Mikaele' style green screen videos :-) 

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